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Discover San Blas


Discover San Blas is a website created for a client who didn't want to spend money on hosting, so I decided to use Google's Blogger as I know it quite well. The website is fully responsive, so it displays well on every device. There was very limited time so I redesigned existing free template. The only cost for my client is a yearly fee of a few dollars for the registered domain.

Roadside Letters


This map was created in MapBox Studio Classic to show my travel route. Its colours were edited to match the design of the site, it's very light so it loads fast. The problem with embedded maps is how to display them on small screens. I introduced two semi transparent panels on the sides so when the map occupies the entire screen it's still possible to scroll the website, not just pan the map.

Roadside Letters


Roadside Letters is where I publish stories from my hitchhiking trip around the world and the logo has to represent it. I created a few different versions and this one was finally elected as not only most descriptive, but also eye pleasing yet simple. It can be used on dark as well as bright backgrounds.

Roadside Letters


I started this site just before I began my trip and I used Blogger as a platform as I knew very little about programming that time. As my skills grew I first thought of switching to Wordpress, but then I started to mess with the template code to see what could be done. I was actually amazed what is possible with this supposedly limited service. I pushed the template to the limits and decided to stick with Blogger as I achieved the desired effects.

Landscape Theory


Landscape Theory was my first piece of art made in Adobe Photoshop. I used an image made by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf showing bleeding Ceasar from his collection Royal Blood. I manipulated it with other images, but the piece was never really finished as I couldn't get other images I imagined. One day I would like to take those images myself and finish the piece.

Roadside Letters


The only souvenirs I collect during my trip are the digital photos I take. I choose the best of them and publish on my website. I would consider myself an amateur in photography but I like to do it. I use bridge camera Fujifilm Fine Pix S40 and edit the pictures in Adobe Lightroom.

Hi, I'm Paluch

I'm originally from Poland, I lived in Ireland for a couple of years and now I'm on the road for more than eleven years. Currently I'm in Australia. You can find out more about me and my voyage at